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Feb 5, 2020 11:28:31 AM / by Mark Gorman

There are three major credit reporting agencies.


It's important to know your credit score before shopping for your new home. In addition to providing credit reports and credit scores online, each site offers helpful consumer information on credit and credit reports. 

Credit Resources. Supported by all three major credit reporting agencies, this is the official site to get your free annual credit report. Fair Isaac Corporation — includes consumer information on credit scoring and how you can improve your FICO®score. The Federal Trade Commission has a number of consumer publications that you can download, including “Building a Better Credit Record.” On the initial screen, select the Tips & Advice tab and choose For Consumers from the drop down menu. In the Take Action section in the middle of the page, click Order Free Resources. On the Free Publications to Share page, click Credit & Loans, then scroll down to the report.

Credit Counselors. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling provides information on 600 member offices in the United States and in Canada that provide credit and housing counseling via face-to-face meetings, telephone discussions and over the Internet.

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Mark Gorman

Written by Mark Gorman

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