6 Surprisingly Cheap DIY Home Improvement Projects [Real Estate Insider]

Jul 3, 2020 11:18:44 AM / by Brett O'Daniell

Homeowners who find themselves around the home more than normal can use time to make a big difference in their home with upgrades that don’t have to cost a fortune. Simple DIY projects can enhance a home and make spaces more appealing for buyers when homeowners are ready to move forward with their home sale.

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These budget-friendly home improvement ideas encompass everything from a splash of paint to tending to the front yard. 

Lighting. Changing out the lights can have an impact on the home. Modern and classic fixtures can upgrade the entire look. Get ideas: The Jewelry in Your Kitchen

Paint. Painting is one of the simplest DIY projects that can give spaces a drastic update. Trendy blues and grays can help spice up rooms. Get some color inspiration: 2020’s Hottest Paint Colors

Curb appeal. Adding flowers, piling on fresh mulch, and trimming shrubs can make a big difference. Demand for front porches has grown in demand during the pandemic, so encourage clients to show off this area. Get ideas: Smart Yard Care That’s Also Stylish and for sprucing up the backyard, Concrete Slabs: From Drab to Fab

Temperature. Clients could consider a smart-home upgrade, like a smart thermostat. This update help owners save money, too—up to 8% on their heating and cooling costs. Programmable thermostats are available for less than $30. Get ideas: The Ultimate Smart Home series

Cabinets and doorknobs. Swap out interior and exterior doorknobs to match other finishes in the home. This can also add greater security with new, higher quality locks (or smart locks). And don’t underestimate the impact of new kitchen cabinet drawers or pulls—they can add an instant update. Get ideas: Choosing the Right Cabinet Hardware

Mirrors. Homeowners can give the bathroom wall-size mirror an instant update by adding a frame to the mirror to dress up the space. They can simplify this DIY task by working with companies like MirrorMate, which offers frames for this reason. Get ideas for this and more DIY home improvement projects: 8 DIY Projects to Tackle While You Shelter in Place

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Brett O'Daniell

Written by Brett O'Daniell

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